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G&P New Energy DG module show strength to help photovoltaic power plants fight wind and snow


January 4, 2018, Taiyuan, Nanjing, Taizhou, Hefei and other places ushered in the first snow in 2018, for many photovoltaic power plants, it's time to test the power generation of components.

Common solar panel is covered with a white resin back plate, while the backside of double-sided light component is covered with a transparent rear panel that can be imported into the sun for power generation. The data shows that the power generation of N-type double-sided component is significantly higher than that of the P-type single crystal component and N-type single component. In addition,when the reflection background is white paint, the maximum power gain can be up to 27.3%

A heavy snow yesterday, the weather has cleared up today, G&P New Energy double glass module, even if the front is covered by snow, the negative can still generate electricity, making the component temperature increases, melting the front of the snow, making double-sided at the same time power generation, greatly reducing operation and maintenance.

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